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Amityville 1992: It’s About Time (1992)

Young architect and single parent, Jake Sterling (Stephen Macht) returns home to California from a business meeting in New York and brings back an antique mantle clock he found in the ruins of a demolished house in Amityville, Long Island.

No sooner is the vintage clock in place on the fireplace mantle of their sunny suburban house than bizarre supernatural incidents begin to occur.

Jake suffers from a bite from a rabid (phantom) dog, his nice daughter, Lisa (Megan Ward) becomes a sex tease and helps her boyfriend sink into a pool of goo, and confused teen son Rusty (Damon Martin) is accused of painting swastikas on a neighbour’s home.

Only Iris Wheeler (Nita Talbot) understands what’s going on and she’s impaled by a giant penguin!

Dick Miller has a bit part and there’s one good (but out of place) sex scene with one-time Miss Universe Shawn Weatherly.

This is the 6th Amityville Horror movie and there’s really no reason to watch it.

Jacob ‘Jake’ Sterling
Stephen Macht
Lisa Sterling
Megan Ward
Rusty Sterling
Damon Martin
Andrea Livingston
Shawn Weatherly
Dr Leonard Stafford
Jonathan Penner
Mrs Iris Wheeler
Nita Talbot
Dean Cochran
Mrs Tetmann
Terrie Snell
Officer #1
Kevin Bourland
Officer #2
Margarita Franco
Officer #3 
William Jackson
Willie C. Carpenter
Mr Andersen
Dick Miller
Van Driver
Alan Berman
Baby Rusty
Dylan Milo

Tony Randel