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Amityville: A New Generation (1993)

Photographer Keyes Terry (Ross Partridge) picks up a mirror from a homeless man, which – it turns out – came from the original Amityville Horror house in Long Island and now houses an evil spirit from that house.

The evil soon terrorises the inhabitants of his loft, including Keyes’ artist friend Suki (Julia Nickson). Blonde Lala Sloatman (formally billed as just Lala) co-stars as Llanie, another artist in the loft.

We eventually learn that Keyes once lived in that very house in Amityville, and his father murdered their family there.

The supporting cast includes Terry O’Quinn as a police detective, David Naughton as the landlord of the loft, Richard Roundtree as an eccentric bald sculptor/artist, and Lin Shaye as a hilarious ditsy secretary-nurse in the asylum which holds the secrets to the Amityville evil.

This direct-to-video sequel was the seventh instalment in the worn-out, long-winded and mediocre franchise if anyone is keeping count. Lala and Julia Nickson have topless scenes, so that’s something.

Keyes Terry
Ross Partridge
Julia Nickson
Lala Sloatman
Dick Cutler
David Naughton
Janet Cutler
Barbara Howard
Franklin Bronner
Jack Orend
Richard Roundtree
Detective Clark
Terry O’Quinn
Robert Rusler
Nurse Turner
Lin Shaye
Cafe Owner
Karl Johnson
Mr Kim
Ralph Ahn
Morgue Attendant
Tom Wright
Rookie Cop
Bob Jennings
Young Keyes
Jon Paul Steuer

John Murlowski