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Analyze This (1999)

Robert De Niro gives one of his best comedy performances to date in this feel-good Mafia tale from Groundhog Day (1993) director Harold Ramis.

De Niro stars as Manhattan Mob boss Paul Vitti whose stressful lifestyle – and a close brush with being whacked – causes him to seek undercover therapy from psychiatrist Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal).

De Niro’s deadpan responses to the Freudian dissections, together with soon-to-be-married Crystal’s increasing entanglement with the “family” business, bring on the laughs thick and fast.

There’s a clever script packed with fresh repartee, digs at Goodfellas (1990) and hilarious moments of joyous farce, and Ramis’s skilled timing allows the two dynamic leads to show their full comic potential.

Ben Sobel
Billy Crystal
Paul Vitti
Robert De Niro
Laura MacNamara
Lisa Kudrow
Joe Viterelli
Primo Sindone
Chazz Palminteri
Isaac Sobel
Bill Macy
Molly Shannon
Nicky Shivers
Max Casella

Harold Ramis