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Army of Darkness: Evil Dead III (1993)

In this sequel to the Evil Dead films – The Evil Dead (1981) and Dead By Dawn (1987) – a sarcastic discount-store employee (“Name’s Ash. Housewares”) is time-warped – along with his ’73 Oldsmobile – to a medieval castle beset by monstrous forces.


Initially mistaken for an enemy, he is soon revealed as the prophecised saviour who can quest for the Necronomicon, a book which can dispel the evil.

Unfortunately, he screws up the magic words while collecting the tome and releases an army of swordfighting skeletons, led by his own Deadite counterpart.

What follows is a thrilling, yet tongue-in-cheek battle between Ash’s 20th Century tactics – he has a chainsaw arm and a Remington shotgun – and the minions of darkness.

This infinitely quotable second sequel (and final instalment) abandoned its gore-laden roots almost entirely in favour of some truly unforgettable comic scenes.armyofdarkness5

Bruce Campbell
Embeth Davidtz
Marcus Gilbert
Duke Henry
Richard Grove
Gold Tooth
Michael Earl Reid
Bridget Fonda

Sam Raimi