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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

It’s swinging 1967. The vicious though childish Dr Evil (Myers) – who has failed to kill his arch-enemy, British secret agent Austin Powers (also Myers) – resolves to escape by means of his cryogenic freezing capsule and come back later.

Powers bravely offers to be frozen too, ready to destroy Dr Evil when he returns.

Fast forward to 1997. Dr Evil thaws out, steals a nuclear weapon and holds the world to ransom.

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Austin Powers, however, is ready for him – debonair, defiant and defrosted – together with his new assistant, Vanessa Kensington (Hurley), whose job is to re-acclimatise Powers to the no-fun Nineties.

Dr Evil discovers that the Nineties are more about dysfunctional family therapy than world domination and escapes again in his cryogenic capsule.

Austin “Shagadelic Baby” Powers is not just a homage to 007. He is also the past-master of little-boy lavatory humour and a walking advertisement for appalling velvet fashion statements, matted hairy chests and Union Jack underpants.

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Austin Powers/Dr Evil
Mike Myers
Vanessa Kensington
Elizabeth Hurley
Basil Exposition
Michael York
Mrs Kensington
Mimi Rogersaustinpowers
Number Two
Robert Wagner
Scott Evil
Seth Green
Alotta Fagina
Fabiana Udenio
Frau Farbissina
Mindy Sterling
Patty O’Brien
Paul Dillon
Commander Gilmour
Charles Napier
Radar operator
Clint Howard
Quartermaster clerk
Neil Mullarkey
Burt Bacharach
Burt Bacharach

Jay Roach