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Avengers, The (1998)

The cult 1960s TV series gets royally shafted by Hollywood in this stunningly designed blockbuster that’s stunningly awful in every other department.

Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman couldn’t be more miscast as John Steed and Emma Peel, here trying to stop villainous Sir August De Wynter (Sean Connery playing himself again, only with extra ham) holding the world’s weather to ransom and freezing London to an arctic standstill.

Ruthlessly edited before release and packed with one-liners, bad puns and vulgar double entendres, this is misguided and misbegotten to a simply staggering degree while Jeremiah Chechik’s mannered direction screeches the action to an unexciting halt at every flat turn.

Terrible special effects and zero chemistry between Fiennes and Thurman make this notorious disaster a total waste of everyone’s time and energy.

John Steed
Ralph Fiennes
Doctor Emma Peel
Uma Thurman
Sir August De Wynter
Sean Connery
Jim Broadbent
Fiona Shaw
Eddie Izzard
Eileen Atkins
John Wood
Carmen Ejogo
Keeley Hawes
Shaun Ryder
Invisible Jones
Patrick Macnee

Jeremiah Chechik