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Babysitter, The (1995)

Beautiful high-school student Jennifer starts babysitting for the wealthy Tucker family, only to inspire the fantasies of the alcoholic father and arouse jealousy in the unsatisfied mother.

It’s surprising that this erotic thriller could have come from such a respectable source as a short story by Robert Coover.


However, it’s rather easier to see why this litany of tired sex fantasies went straight to video.

Indeed, we might never have heard of it at all had not Alicia Silverstone scored such a huge hit with the same year’s Clueless.

She has little to do here but look alluring as her employers and their neighbours contemplate soft-core encounters in a series of daydreams that only rarely rise above the squalid.

Alicia Silverstone
Jeremy London
Harry Tucker
J T Walsh
Dolly Tucker
Lee Garlington
Nicky Katt
Bernice Holsten
Lois Chiles
Bill Holsten
George Segal
Ryan Slater
Brittany English Stephens

Guy Ferland