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Big Lebowski, The (1998)

Jeff ‘the Dude’ Lebowski (Bridges) is an easy-going man. His life in LA is ultra laid back and his response to most of life’s problems is to go bowling . . .

When his house is broken into by two gangsters who pee on his favourite rug he finds himself becoming quite angry.

When he discovers the crooks think they are chasing ‘the Big Lebowski’ (‘Big’ as in millionaire), whose wife owes them a lot of money, he is furious.


The Dude sets off to demand compensation (or at least rug-cleaning) from the Big Lebowski, only to find himself immersed in a series of events that span a kidnapping scenario, the art world and the porn industry.

Dude’s biggest bowling buddy is Walter Sobchak (Goodman), a Vietnam veteran who attributes every cause and effect in life to the USA’s involvement ‘over there’.He does it when he’s bowling, and he does it when he says he’s not doing it.

The other bowling buddy, Donny (Buscemi), is lucky to be able to speak at all.

Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski
Jeff Bridges
Walter Sobchak
John Goodman
Maude Lebowski
Julianne Moore
Steve Buscemi
The Big Lebowski
David Huddleston
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Jesus Quintana
John Turturro
Bunny Lebowski
Tara Reid
Knox Harrington
David Thewlis
The stranger
Sam Elliott
Jackie Treehorn
Ben Gazzara
Private snoop
Jon Polito
Treehorn thug
Philip Moon
Treehorn thug
Mark Pellegrino
Peter Stormare
Nihilist woman
Aimee Mann

Joel Coen