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Bikini Drive-In (1995)

Kim Taylor (Ashlie Rhey) learns that she has inherited the El Monte Drive-in from her grandfather. Kim has fond memories about the old drive-in but learns from the bank that she’ll lose the outdoor cinema if she doesn’t pay $25,000 in late lease payments by the end of the weekend.

Carrie (Sarah Bellomo) entices her boyfriend Bobby (Rob Vogl) into helping them with a romp in the hot tub, but Kim’s boyfriend Darryl (George Cost) refuses to help and they break up.

Unscrupulous businessman Winston (David Friedman) had been trying without success to buy the drive-in from Kim’s uncle as it’s the only thing standing in the way of his big land development for a supermall.

Winston enlists his bumbling heavies Harry (Ross Hagen) and Carl (Peter Spellos) to deal with Kim, with some help from his handsome college-educated son Brian (Richard Gabai).

Brian quickly defects to the other side after meeting Kim, who beds him not long after.

Brian puts his business school know-how towards revamping the drive-in from its usual family fare line-up back to the more classical notion of the drive-in. Fortunately, Oscar the projectionist (Conrad Brooks) has saved film prints of a number of grindhouse flicks, and the group decide to raise money with a quadruple feature of four classics from scream queen Dyanne Lynne classics: Sorority Sister Slaughterhouse; I Was a Teenage Tree; The Ape Man Cometh and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (the only real title).

With the help of lingerie-clad college friends Mandy (Tane McClure) and Candy (Becky LeBeau), Brian gets local DJ Randy Rocket (a cameo from director Fred Olen Ray) to give the show a prominent mention and then cons Dyanne Lynne (Michelle Bauer, cheerfully sending up her 80’s scream queen persona) into believing that the retrospective will be attended by the press and the President of the United States.

Learning of Brian’s plans, Harry sends Carl to scare off customers while he goes to make sure that Miss Lynne never makes it to the show. Winston also sends the conservative local Sheriff (Steve Barkett) along to break up the depravity.

Shot in six days, a number of interior shots were filmed at director Fred Olen Ray’s house.

Kim Taylor
Ashlie Rhey
Brian Winston
Richard Gabai
Ross Hagen
Peter Spellos
Roxanne Blaze  (Sarah Bellomo)
Rob Vogl
Sheriff Bloodstone
Steve Barkett
Nikki Fritz
Tom Shell
George Cost
Dyanne Lynn
Michelle Bauer
J.B. Winston
David F. Friedman
Conrad Brooks
Gordon Mitchell
Hoke Howell
Albert Mitchell
Randy Rocket
Fred Olen Ray
Becky LeBeau
Tane McClure

Fred Olen Ray