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Blood Salvage (1990)

Jake Pruitt (Danny Nelson, known in the Atlanta area for ‘Cates Pickles’ TV ads) is a Bible-quoting maniac surgeon in dirty overalls with a big smile and a great Ben Johnson-type voice.

His sons, the dumb and mean Hiram (Christian Hesler) and the simple-minded but friendly Roy (Ralph Pruitt Vaughn), cause car accidents, tow the victims, then keep them artificially alive.

Their ridiculous barn cum laboratory is filled with dead or alive mutilated and drugged bodies (including Elvis) hanging from the ceiling with life-support tubes sticking out.

Jake sells body parts to Mr Stone (My Favorite Martian star Ray Walston). He also keeps a pretty wheelchair-bound beauty-contest winner named April (Lori Birdsong) locked up as a replacement for his dead daughter.

John Saxon is her father, Clifford.

World heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield appears as a boxer (natch). He was also an executive producer.

It’s a funny and gruesome tongue-in-cheek Southern-fried horror B-movie which is comparable in some ways to Motel Hell (1980) and well worth a watch.

Jake Pruitt
Danny Nelson
April Evans
Lori Birdsong
Christian Hesler
Ralph Pruitt Vaughn
Clifford Evans
John Saxon
Pat Evans
Laura Whyte
Mr Stone
Ray Walston
Bobby Evans
Andy Greenway
Sheriff Reynolds
Dan Albright
Gil Roper
Lonnie R. Smith Jr.
Newlywed Man
Byron Cherry
Newlywed Woman
P.J. Shinall
Evander Holyfield
Lou Duva
Tina Matthews
Suzanne Ventulett
Tommy Chappelle
Ed Corbin
Rubin Devore
Betsy Gilmer
Keith Holder
Anne McGarity
Mike ‘Almost Elvis’ Witfield
Robert Wynn
Beauty Contestants 
Bridget Bennett
Margaret Crossby
Bridgette Fennell
Krista Harris
Tracy Lester
Christine Morris
Chanda Palmer
Clarissa Sanders
Kelly Saul
Michele Smith
Christine Wennersten

Tucker Johnston