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Boxing Helena (1993)

The first feature film directed by 25-year-old Jennifer Chambers (daughter of David Lynch) is a tale of obsessive passion that’s as risibly far-fetched as it is morbidly wacked-out.

Sherilyn Fenn plays Helena (pictured below right), a free-spirited slut who becomes the unfortunate object of the sexual obsessions of surgeon Nick Cavanaugh (Julian Sands).

Helena is first seen having soft-core sex with hotheaded Ray (Bill Paxton). She likes to undress at her bedroom window. And there, salivating in the tree outside is Nick.


His gooey schoolboy advances only invite derision and scorn, but what’s a little insult to a mad doctor who is impotent, too?

So when Helena gets hit by a car outside his lavish Atlanta mansion, the doc locks her up and amputates his beloved’s limbs to keep her helpless and dependent.

Poor Helena. She still hates him, but armless and legless, a girl’s gotta eat.

Kim Basinger was originally in line for the lead role but backed out. Although she had not signed a contract, a Los Angeles court ordered Basinger to pay a massive $8.9 million in damages to Main Line Pictures for the “loss of her advantageous presence”.

Dr Nick Cavanaugh
Julian Sands
Sherilyn Fenn
Ray O’Malley
Bill Paxton
Dr Alan Harrison
Kurtwood Smith
Dr Lawrence Augustine
Art Garfunkel
Anne Garrett
Betsy Clark
Fantasy Lover/Nurse
Nicolette Scorsese
Marion Cavanaugh
Meg Register
Bryan Smith
Marla Levine
Nurse Diane
Kim Lentz
Sam the Clerk
Lloyd T. Williams
Carl Mazzocone Sr.
Uncle Charlie
Erik Shoaff

Jennifer Chambers