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Brady Bunch Movie, The (1995)

In the 1990s, Hollywood studios desperately ransacked their old TV archives for cinema remake material, with very mixed results. This is probably the most innovative of the lot, even if it doesn’t always work.

For those who missed them the first time around, The Brady Bunch featured a cute-as-pie 1970s American family who suffered the mildest of domestic discord every week.


For this movie the same applies – except that everyone else is now living in the 1990s, the community is crumbling and the crime rate is spiralling out of control.

The result is a postmodernist hoot, expertly served up by a cast headed by Shelley Long and Gary Cole, and essential viewing for fans of flares everywhere.


Carol Brady
Shelley Long
Mike Brady
Gary Cole
Greg Brady
Christopher Daniel Barnes
Marcia Brady
Christine Taylor
Peter Brady
Paul Sutera
Jan Brady
Jennifer Elise Cox
Bobby Brady
Jesse Lee
Cindy Brady
Olivia Hack
Henriette Mantel
Mr Dittmeyer
Michael McKean
Mrs Dittmeyer
Jean Smart

Betty Thomas