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Very Brady Sequel, A (1996)

One of the rare occasions when a sequel works better than the original, this follow-up to the 1995 big-screen adaptation of TV’s The Brady Bunch not only pokes more fun at the Bradys but mocks them more savagely.

Yet the movie still has great affection for the characters, who are wonderfully played by the cast, especially Shelley Long and Gary Cole as parents Carol and Mike Brady (pictured below).

Still stuck in a 1970s time warp in the 1990s, the Bradys are stunned by the appearance of a man claiming to be Carol’s former husband, who was previously believed to have been dead.

The naive clan welcomes him into their home, blissfully unaware he is really a thief planning to steal a priceless artefact – if the sheer niceness of his hosts does not drive him mad first.

This leads to drugs, kidnapping, and step-siblings Marcia and Greg becoming romantically attracted to each other – though it all happens with that innocent Brady charm.

Barbara Eden appeared in a cameo as Jeannie.

Carol Brady
Shelley Long
Mike Brady
Gary Cole
Greg Brady
Christopher Daniel Barnes
Marcia Brady
Christine Taylor
Peter Brady
Paul Sutera
Jan Brady
Jennifer Elise Cox
Bobby Brady
Jesse Lee
Cindy Brady
Olivia Hack
Henriette Mantel
Roy Martin
Tim Matheson
Mrs Cummings
Dr Whitehead
John Hillerman
Zsa Zsa Gabor
LAPD Detective
Richard Belzer
Rosie O’Donnell
David Spade
Barbara Eden

Arlene Sanford