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City Of Angels (1998)

This Hollywood semi-remake of Wim Wenders’s classic Wings of Desire stars Nicolas Cage as Seth, an angel inhabiting Los Angeles who falls for heart surgeon (yes, really) Maggie Rice (Meg Ryan).

Will he give up his otherworldly delights – gathering with his fellow celestial beings to listen to the sunrise, reading people’s thoughts – so he can “fall” to Earth and be with her?

Will she realise he’s not quite like other guys? And will they both drown in the slushy sentimentality of it all?

Happily, not quite, thanks to a well-chosen soundtrack (Alanis Morissette, Sarah McLachlan, Goo Goo Dolls) and a winning – and moving – performance from Cage that will melt the hearts of his female fans.

Nicolas Cage
Dr Maggie Rice
Meg Ryan
Nathaniel Messinger
Dennis Franz
André Braugher
Colm Feore
Robin Bartlett
Joanna Merlin
Sarah Dampf
Susan’s mother
Rhonda Dotson
Nigel Gibbs

Brad Silberling