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City Slickers (1991)

Billy Crystal and chums Daniel Stern and Bruno Kirby are the city folk who get the chance to play at Rawhide in this winning comedy blockbuster that cleaned up at the box office.

Seeking to stave off middle age, Mitch (Crystal), Phil (Stern) and Ed (Kirby) join a motley group who have volunteered to drive cattle across the range under the eye of an irascible old cowboy called Curly (Jack Palance).

Despite some worryingly sentimental moments of male bonding, this is an engaging, expertly played piece, which gently pokes fun at both midlife crises and the Wild West.

Palance, in particular, has a ball, and picked up a best supporting actor Oscar for his performance, while director Ron Underwood, who before this was best known for the cult sci-fi film Tremors (1989), proves to be equally adept at the gags and the large-scale, traditional western set pieces.

Mitch Robbins
Billy Crystal
Phil Berquist
Daniel Stern
Ed Furillo
Bruno Kirby
Barbara Robbins
Patricia Wettig
Bonnie Rayburn
Helen Slater
Jack Palance
Clay Stone
Noble Willingham
Tracey Walter
Barry Shalowitz
Josh Mostel
Ira Shalowitz
David Paymer
Ben Jessup
Bill Henderson
Jeffrey Tambor
Steve Jessup
Phill Lewis
Kyle Secor

Ron Underwood