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Contact (1997)

Astronomer and research specialist Dr Eleanor Arroway (Jodie Foster) firmly believes in extraterrestrial life. So when she receives a message from extraterrestrials explaining how humble humans can build a spacecraft and go to meet them, she wants to be the first to make “contact”.

Matthew McConaughey plays the religious adviser battling for her soul, while Tom Skerritt and James Woods portray sceptical presidential aides.

The digital effects are stunning and director Robert Zemeckis is at home with the action sequences and the climactic scene of Foster’s pod journey features one of the most transcendent performances in all of cinema.

A rather over-zealous take on new age spirituality mars this otherwise impressive adaptation of Carl Sagan’s bestselling novel.

Dr Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Arroway
Jodie Foster
Palmer Joss
Matthew McConaughey
Dr David Drumlin
Tom Skerritt
Rachel Constantine
Angela Bassett
SR Hadden
John Hurt
Theodore ‘Ted’ Arroway
David Morse
Richard Rank
Rob Lowe
William Fichtner
Michael Kitz
James Woods
Larry King
Jay Leno
Jake Busey

Robert Zemeckis