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To Die For (1995)

Nicole Kidman gives a great performance in this brilliantly acerbic satire on fame and the American Dream, playing shallow suburban princess Suzanne Stone whose entire life has been devoted to becoming a television celebrity.

A job at a local TV station seems like the first step on her journey to the top, but when her husband, Larry (Matt Dillon) announces his desire to start a family, she realises he has to go and persuades her dim-witted teenage lover Jimmy (Joaquin Phoenix) to murder him.

Sharply scripted by Buck Henry from Joyce Maynard’s bestselling novel, which was inspired by true events, this frighteningly funny, razor-sharp drama is one of director Gus Van Sant’s most accessible movies.

Gone is the puzzling quirkiness of Drugstore Cowboy (1989) and My Own Private Idaho (1991) and Van Sant simply allows the riveting story to shine through above any extraneous style.

Kidman, all pretty in pink lipstick and poisonous plans, is a revelation. There’s fine support from Illeana Douglas, who gets to end this delightful satire with a marvellously cynical cutting-edge climax.

Suzanne Stone
Nicole Kidman
Larry Maretto
Matt Dillon
Jimmy Emmett
Joaquin Phoenix
Russell Hines
Casey Affleck
Janice Maretto
Illeana Douglas
Lydia Mertz
Alison Folland
Joe Maretto
Dan Hedaya
Ed Grant
Wayne Knight
Earl Stone
Kurtwood Smith
Carol Stone
Holland Taylor
Man at lake
David Cronenberg

Gus Van Sant