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Doctor Dolittle (1998)

This fantasy comedy update of the 1967 musical starred Eddie Murphy as San Francisco doctor John Dolittle, whose life is turned upside down when a head injury reactivates a long-dormant ability to talk with animals.

Following the success of The Nutty Professor  (1996) – yet another remake – Eddie Murphy completed his transformation from foul-mouthed, fast-talking comic to all-round family entertainer with this, the UK’s second-highest-grossing film in 1998 (after Titanic).

Cue lots of juvenile gags from a host of guest voices (Garry Shandling, Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres), while the likes of Ossie Davis and Oliver Platt look on bemused.

Betty Thomas directs proficiently, but Rex Harrison must be turning in his grave.

Dr John Dolittle
Eddie Murphy
Archer Dolittle
Ossie Davis
Dr Mark Weller
Oliver Platt
Peter Boyle
Dr Gene Reiss
Richard Schiff
Kristen Wilson
Dr Fish
Jeffrey Tambor
Kyla Pratt
Albert Brooks
Chris Rock
Female Pigeon
Julie Kavner
Male Pigeon
Garry Shandling
Prologue Dog
Ellen DeGeneres
Jenna Elfman
Paul Reubens
Baby Tiger
Jonathan Lipnicki

Betty Thomas