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Frankenhooker (1990)

When his fiancée, Elizabeth (Patty Mullen, Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1988) is horribly mutilated in a freak lawnmower accident, inventor Jeffrey Franken (James Lorinz) goes through a grieving process that proves to be every bit as gruesome as the misfortune that befell his bride-to-be.

Unwilling to let go of the memory of his beloved (or her severed head,) Jeffrey devises a rather unorthodox method of ensuring that their love will last the test of time.

He decides to use his (mad) inventor skills to reattach and reanimate Elizabeth’s severed parts to another body – once he overcomes his moral misgivings of taking another person’s life . . .

One quick, do-it-yourself lobotomy later and Jeffrey still finds himself with the problem of finding a female candidate worthy of his ideal, womanly vision. A late-night drive proves to be just what the doctor ordered as Jeffrey finds the local ladies of the night to be a treasure trove of female specimens.

Unfortunately, even after extensive field research, Jeffrey is unable to find a prostitute whose proportions match his ideal qualifications: One hooker has the perfect breasts, while another has a pair of legs that are to die for. Cue wall-to-wall exploding hookers!

A gleefully demented horror-comedy, Frankenhooker is filled to the brim with Playboy playmates and Penthouse pets, including Charlotte J Helmkamp (who went by the name Charlotte Kemp when she was crowned Miss December 1982), Kimberly Taylor, and porn star Heather Hunter.

Jeffrey Franken
James Lorinz
Mrs Shelley
Joanne Ritchie
Elizabeth Shelley
Patty Mullen
Mr Shelley
J.J. Clark
Carissa Channing
Elizabeth’s Grandmother
Shirl Bernheim
Judy Grafe
Detective Anderson
Helmar Cooper
Jeffrey’s Mother
Louise Lasser
John Zacherle
Charlotte Helmkamp
Kimberly Taylor
Spike the Bartender
Shirley Stoler
Joseph Gonzalez
Zorro’s Customer
Ari M. Roussimoff

Frank Henenlotter