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Galaxy Quest (1999)

In this enormously entertaining send-up of the Star Trek universe, a bunch of washed-up actors from a cult sci-fi TV show (called Galaxy Quest) are mistaken for the real thing and recruited to defend a dying alien race.


Almost 20 years after the cancellation of their TV show, the actor crew of the spaceship Protector encounters a strange group of fans at a convention.

They turn out to be Thermians: real-life aliens who – unaware of the difference between fact and fiction – believe that only the cast of Galaxy Quest can save their home, the Klaatu Nebula, from Sarris, a ruthless warmonger.

It’s an inspired premise, fired into orbit by a fantastic script, sublime visual effects and an absolutely perfect cast, including Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman, who’s hysterical as a grumpy British actor who hates his half-reptilian character, Dr Lazarus.

The story is so cleverly executed and the characters so beautifully fleshed-out that it not only succeeds as a Trek spoof, a satire on the acting profession and a parody of science-fiction fans but also as an engaging, original space saga in its own right.

Jason Nesmith/Commander Peter Quincy Taggart
Tim Allen 
Gwen DeMarco/Lt Tawny Madison

Sigourney Weaver
Alexander Dane/Dr Lazarus

Alan Rickman
Fred Kwan/Tech Sgt Chen

Tony Shalhoub
Tommy Webber/Laredo

Daryl Mitchell
Guy Fleegman

Sam Rockwell

Enrico Colantoni 

Robin Sachs 

Patrick Breen

Missi Pyle

Jed Rees

Justin Long

Jeremy Howard

Kaitlin Cullum
Rainn Wilson

Jonathan Feyer

Dean Parisot