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Ghost (1990)

Patrick Swayze is Sam Wheat – a yuppie stockbroker who gets knifed by a mugger in the first reel and returns as a genial ghost to prove to his girl, Molly (Demi Moore) that he still loves her beyond death.

He even solves his own murder with the aid of fake medium, Oda Mae Brown (Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg).

ghost6Swayze literally walks through walls while the freaked-out fortune-teller shrieks “No way!”

The picture is actually more charming and tolerable than the plot sounds, and the actors rise above the script heroically.

Patrick and Demi doing naughty things with wet clay over a potter’s wheel briefly triggered a craze for pottery . . .

Ghost was the first movie in which Swayze really proved he could act.

Sam Wheat
Patrick Swayze
Molly Jensen
Demi Moore
Oda Mae Brown
Whoopi Goldberg
Carl Bruner
Tony Goldwyn
Willie Lopez
Rick Aviles
Gail Boggs
Armelia McQueen
Martina Degnan
Rosa Santiago
Angelina Estrada
Susan Breslau
Augie Blunt
Vivian Bonnell
Subway ghost
Vincent Schiavelli
Emergency room ghost
Phil Leeds
Cemetery ghost
Sharon Breslau Cornell
Woman ghost
Alma Beltran

Jerry Zucker