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Godfather: Part III, The (1990)

New York, 1979: Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) – diabetic and pushing 60 – wants out of his criminal empire in a search for respectability. But it’s difficult to break with the family tradition.

This third and final sequel completed the Corleone family trilogy, showing an ageing Michael dividing his time between politics and gangster activities, with the corruption spreading all the way to the Vatican.

Inevitably, the tentacles of the old business prove all-embracing and powerful, with fatal consequences.

This nearly three-hour sequel was made for purely mercenary reasons (director Francis Ford Coppola reportedly needed the money for a personal project), but despite the dubious casting of Coppola’s daughter Sofia, the final chapter in the Godfather saga has a haunting, elegiac tone and another masterful performance from Pacino.

Michael Corleone
Al Pacino
Kay Adams
Diane Keaton
Vincent Mancini
Andy Garcia
Connie Corleone Rizzi
Talia Shire
Don Altobello
Eli Wallach
Joey Zasa
Joe Mantegna
BJ Harrison
George Hamilton
Grace Hamilton
Bridget Fonda
Mary Corleone
Sofia Coppola
Cardinal Lamberto
Raf Vallone
Anthony Corleone
Franc D’Ambrosio
Archbishop Gilday
Donal Donnelly
Al Neri
Richard Bright
Frederick Keinzig
Helmut Berger
Dominic Abbandando
Don Novello
Andrew Hagen
John Savage
Franco Citti
Mario Donatone
Don Tommasino
Vittorio Duse
Licio Lucchesi
Enzo Robutti
Michele Russo
Johnny Fontane
Al Martino
Lou Pennino
Robert Cicchini
Father John
Robert Vento
Lucy Mancini
Jeannie Linero
Camerlengo cardinal
Remo Remotti
Francesca Corleone
Jeanne Savarino Pesch
Kathryn Corleone
Janet Savarino Smith
Teresa Hagen
Tere L Baker
Albert Volpe
Carmine Caridi
Frank Romano
Don Costello
Leo Cune
Al Ruscio
Matty Parisi
Mickey Knox

Francis Ford Coppola