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Grosse Point Blank (1997)

Martin Q Blank (John Cusak) is a hitherto successful hit man who has just hit burnout. After a bungled job, he gets the chance to redeem himself through a contract in Detroit.

His old high school is in the Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe and, coincidentally, it is holding his 10-year high school reunion. Once in Grosse Pointe, he searches out Debi (Minnie Driver), the girlfriend he stood up at the prom.

He discovers people are trying to kill him, including fellow hitman Mr Grocer (Dan Aykroyd) whose Assassin’s Union he has refused to join.

His improving relationship with Debi goes sour when he has to kill a would-be assassin at the reunion dance and when he learns the name of his current hit contract.

This is dead-pan comedy of a high order. The perennially boyish-looking Cusak does a fine job of persuading us that he is a professional assassin, with all the nitty-gritty details of the job meticulously planned and carried out, and the corpse simply the outcome of a job well done.

Grosse Pointe Blank is a family affair: apart from John and sister Joan, brother Bill and sister Ann are in there too.

Martin Q. Blank
John Cusack
Debi Newberry
Minnie Driver
Dr Oatman
Alan Arkin
Dan Aykroyd
Joan Cusack
Steven Lardner
Hank Azaria
Kenneth McCullers
K. Todd Freeman
Paul Spericki
Jeremy Piven
Mr Bart Newberry
Mitchell Ryan
Bob Destepello
Michael Cudlitz
Felix La PuBelle
Benny Urquidez
Ultimart Carl
Duffy Taylor
Audrey Kissel
Carlos Jacott
Husky Man
Brian Powell

George Armitage