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Heat (1995)

A stellar cast sizzles in Heat, a taut psychological drama about an obsessive detective and a brilliant thief whose fates are linked in the aftermath of a high-stakes securities heist.

heat4Lt. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino), a brilliant L.A. cop,  follows the trail from a deadly armed robbery and becomes fixated on deadly but equally brilliant master thief Neil McCauley (Robert DeNiro) and his crew (Val Kilmer and Jon Voight) who are taking Los Angeles to the cleaners.

Heat also includes one of the most spectacular shoot-outs in film history as DeNiro and Kilmer rip through downtown Los Angeles with both guns blazing.

Tom Sizemore, Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman also co-star.

Lt. Vincent Hanna
Al Pacino
Neil McCauley
Robert De Niro
Chris Shiherlis
Val Kilmer
Jon Voight
Michael Cheritto
Tom Sizemore
Diane Venora
Amy Brenneman
Charlene Shiherlis
Ashley Judd
Sergeant Drucker
Mykelti Williamson
Wes Studi
Ted Levine
Donald Breedan
Dennis Haysbert
Roger Van Zant
William Fichtner
Lauren Gustafson
Natalie Portman
Tom Noonan