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It (1990)

In 1960, seven outcast kids who are known as ‘The Lucky Seven’ have to fight and defeat an evil demon who can shapeshift into a clown called Pennywise and feed on children’s fears and kill them.

30 years later, when a mysterious serial-killer attacks children in Derry, Maine, the local librarian Mike Hanlan (Tim Reid) – a now grown up member of the Lucky Seven – calls his childhood friends who are now all successful professionals.

Bill Denbrough (Richard Thomas) is a writer of horror novels that is working with his wife Audra (Olivia Hussey) in a movie in Hampstead, England. Award-winning architect Ben Hanscom (John Ritter) is living in Houston, Texas. Designer Beverly Marsh (Annette O’Toole) is in Chicago while entrepreneur Eddie Kaspbrack (Dennis Christopher) is in Great Neck, New York.


Comedian Richie Tozier (Harry Anderson) lives in Beverly Hills, and Stanley Uris (Richard Masur) is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Each of them recalls when Bill’s brother Georgie (Tony Dakota) was murdered back in 1960 by Pennywise (Tim Curry) and how Bill had summoned them to defeat the creepy monster in the sewer of the town.

They also recall their oath to reunite and fight against Pennywise in case of its return.

Based on one of Stephen King’s longest novels, It was originally broadcast as a two-part television miniseries and paved the way for telemovies and miniseries’ in the future to push the envelope far more than ever before.

Mike Hanlon
Tim Reid
Bill Denbrough
Richard Thomas
Ben Hanscom
John Ritter
Beverly Marsh
Annette O’Toole
Eddie Kaspbrak
Dennis Christopher
Richie Tozier
Harry Anderson
Stanley Uris
Richard Masur
Tim Curry
Audra Denborough
Olivia Hussey
Mike age 12
Marlon Taylor
Bill age 12 
Jonathan Brandis
Ben age 12
Brandon Crane
Beverly age 12
Emily Perkins
Eddie age 12
Adam Faraizl
Richie age 12
Seth Green
Stanley age 12
Ben Heller
George Denborough
Tony Dakota
Henry Bowers
Jarred Blancard
Mrs Kersh
Florence Paterson
Drum Garrett
Mr Keene
Tom Heaton
Russell J. Roberts
Al Marsh
Frank C. Turner
Bill Croft
Helena Yee
Mrs Douglas
Donna Peerless
Ben’s father
Steve Makaj
Deva Neil Depodesta

Tommy Lee Wallace