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Lost In Space (1998)

This big-budget screen remake of Irwin Allen’s cult 1960s TV series is a charmless if flashy affair under the direction of Stephen Hopkins.

The Robinson family’s Earth migration experiment is sabotaged by evil Doctor Zachary Smith (Gary Oldman) and they are forced to land on a mysterious planet inhabited by mutated monster spiders.

A conscious attempt to be all things to all audiences falls flat – cute stuff including a lovable space monkey will annoy adults while the “family values” sermons will bore kids rigid.

The special effects, nostalgic look, varying tone and acting (with Matt LeBlanc an honourable exception as Don West) never gel into an enjoyable whole in what is basically a cynical marketing exercise.

Dr Zachary Smith
Gary Oldman
Dr John Robinson
William Hurt
Don West
Matt LeBlanc
Maureen Robinson
Mimi Rogers
Judy Robinson
Heather Graham
Penny Robinson
Lacey Chabert
Will Robinson
Jack Johnson
Older Will
Jared Harris
Mark Goddard
Jeb Walker
Lennie James
Reporter No 1
Marta Kristen
Reporter No 2
Angela Cartwright
Principal Cartwright
June Lockhart
Dick Tufeld
Edward Fox
Noah Freeman
John Sharian

Stephen Hopkins