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Net, The (1995)

Sandra Bullock’s star charisma raises this mediocre computer-age paranoia fantasy to the level of watchable entertainment.

The Speed (1994) heroine plays Angela Bennett, a lonely hacker who uncovers a criminal conspiracy, but how she copes with the threat of cyberspace annihilation from an unknown assassin turns an already slow-moving thriller into a predictable game of hide-and-seek that relies on major lapses in logic and coincidence for a happy ending.

The neat electronic visuals can’t hide the contrived and confusing direction by Irwin Winkler.

Angela Bennett
Sandra Bullock
Jack Devlin
Jeremy Northam
Dr Alan Champion
Dennis Miller
Mrs Bennett
Diane Baker
Wendy Gazelle
Ken Howard
Ray McKinnon
WNN anchor
Daniel Schorr
Public defender
L Scott Caldwell
Ben Phillips
Robert Gossett
Kristina Krofft
Julia Pearlstein
Resort desk clerk
Juan Garcia
Mexican doctor
Tony Perez
Mrs Raines
Margo Winkler
Stan Whiteman
Gene Kirkwood

Irwin Winkler