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Nixon (1996)

This biographical drama from director Oliver Stone stars Anthony Hopkins as Richard Milhous Nixon.

From a humble Quaker upbringing, Nixon rose to became the 37th president of the United States in 1969, but his political achievements were destined to be overshadowed by the Watergate scandal.

Stone sees Nixon as a man suffering from paranoia, haunted by the spectre of two dead Kennedys and by his own dead brothers, yet devoted to his wife, a role beautifully played by Joan Allen. The movie makes great demands on the viewer and on Anthony Hopkins, whose brave performance is more an impression than an impersonation.

Near the end of this biographical drama, the disgraced President gazes at a painting of John Kennedy and says, “When people look at you, they see what they want to be. When they look at me, they see what they are.”

Richard Milhous Nixon
Anthony Hopkins
Pat Nixon
Joan Allen
Alexander Haig
Powers Boothe
E Howard Hunt
Ed Harris
J Edgar Hoover
Bob Hoskins
John Mitchell
E G Marshall
Ron Ziegler
David Paymer
John Dean
David Hyde Pierce
Henry Kissinger
Paul Sorvino
Hannah Nixon
Mary Steenburgen
John Ehrlichman
J T Walsh
HR Haldeman
James Woods
Clyde Tolson
Brian Bedford
Charles Colson
Kevin Dunn
Julie Nixon
Annabeth Gish
“Jack Jones”
Larry Hagman
Murray Chotiner
Fyvush Finkel
Nelson Rockefeller
Edward Herrmann
Harold Nixon
Tony Goldwyn
Martha Mitchell
Madeline Kahn

Oliver Stone