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Nutty Professor, The (1996)

This reworking of the 1963 Jerry Lewis comedy saw Eddie Murphy back on form as Sherman Klump, a sweet-natured, obese science teacher who perfects a potion that turns him into a svelte, sexy love machine called Buddy Love.

Of course, the potion wears off at the most unfortunate times, making his attempts at romance with attractive teaching assistant Carla Purty a bit of a lottery.

Murphy plays the professor to poignant perfection. Thanks to the genius of the Oscar-winning make-up and the computer graphics department, he also portrays three generations of his family at the same dinner table.

Snappily directed by Tom Shadyac, this isn’t quite as daft as the mad 60s original, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable and well-played laugh-fest.

Sherman Klump/Buddy Love
Eddie Murphy
Carla Purty
Jada Pinkett Smith
Harlan Hartley
James Coburn
Dean Richmond
Larry Miller
Reggie Warrington
Dave Chappelle
John Ales
Ernie Klump Jr
Jamal Mixon

Tom Shadyac