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Red Rock West (1992)

A hapless drifter (Nicolas Cage, this time in a non-comic variation on his innocent dupe persona) turns up in a small town with nothing but his wits to keep him going.

A vengeful local (JT Walsh) with a bitter grudge mistakes the loner for a hitman and offers him a hefty sum to murder Walsh’s wife (Lara Flynn Boyle).

The reluctant killer intends to take the money and run – a dangerous plan that backfires when the real killer (the demonic Dennis Hopper) turns up.

The plot twists and turns deliciously, and John Dahl’s deft direction strikes a clever balance between knowing humour and genuine suspense. The performances are almost uniformly good, with only Boyle’s unconvincing femme fatale letting the side down.


Michael Williams
Nicolas Cage
Wayne Brown
J T Walsh
Suzanne Brown
Lara Flynn Boyle
Dennis Hopper
Craig Reay
Mr Johnson
Vance Johnson
Robert Apel
Dale Gibson

John Dahl