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Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993)

The heroic outlaw returns from the Crusades to discover the country is in the grip of evil Prince John and the Sheriff of Rottingham, so he unites a motley band of warriors to overthrow them.


This spoof has the (very) occasional flash of vintage Mel Brooks and wonderfully po-faced performances from Cary Elwes as Robin and Amy Yasbeck as Marian.

On the downside are Roger Rees’s ghastly Sheriff of Rottingham, the untidy structure and the fact that the bawdy gags are more notable for their antiquity than their quality.

Watch your Blackadder videos instead.

Robin Hood
Cary Elwes
Prince John
Richard Lewis
Sheriff of Rottingham
Roger Rees
Amy Yasbeck
Mark Blankfield
Dave Chappelle
Isaac Hayes
Megan Cavanagh
Little John
Eric Allan Kramer
Will Scarlet O’Hara
Matthew Poretta
Tracey Ullman
King Richard
Patrick Stewart
Don Giovanni
Dom DeLuise
Rabbi Tuckman
Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks