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Rumble In The Bronx (1996)

A Hong Kong policeman (Jackie Chan) visiting New York for the wedding of a relative becomes involved in a battle against a gang that’s conducting a campaign of terror in the Bronx.

It may be clumsily dubbed and have Vancouver standing in for New York, but this typical Jackie Chan outing is still very entertaining.

As ever, there’s plenty of thrilling action, but Chan always manages to invest his set pieces with an element of balletic humour, so that you feel you are watching violent slapstick rather than expertly executed martial arts.

Anita Mui and Françoise Yip are big stars back in Hong Kong, but, sadly, they are given little room for manoeuvre here.

Jackie Chan
Anita Mui
Uncle Bill
Bill Tung
Françoise Yip
Marc Akerstream
Garvin Cross
Morgan Lam
White Tiger
Kris Lord

Stanley Tong