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Sister Act (1992)

Ghost (1990) may have won Whoopi Goldberg an Oscar, but it was this comedy (directed by Emile Ardolino of Dirty Dancing fame) that turned her into a huge Hollywood star.

Goldberg plays Reno lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier who accepts a police offer of protection that entails hiding out in a San Francisco convent after she witnesses gangster boyfriend Vince LaRocca (Harvey Keitel) killing a man.


That’s about it for plot in this comedy from the Disney stable, and the remainder of the movie follows our heroine as she tries to bring the nuns and Maggie Smith’s strict Mother Superior into the 20th century.

Relying on some great songs and a superb cast (including Kathy Najimy as sunny Sister Mary Patrick), this successfully gets past the slight story to become a hugely enjoyable movie.

Deloris Van Cartier
Whoopi Goldberg
Mother Superior
Maggie Smith
Sister Mary Patrick
Kathy Najimy
Sister Mary Robert
Wendy Makkena
Sister Mary Lazarus
Mary Wickes
Vince LaRocca
Harvey Keitel
Eddie Souther
Bill Nunn
Robert Miranda
Richard Portnow
Sister Alma
Rose Parenti
Bishop O’Hara
Joseph Maher
Jim Beaver

Emile Ardolino