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Sliver (1993)

Book editor Carly Norris moves into a luxurious Manhattan apartment block unaware that the previous tenant died in mysterious circumstances. Carly soon becomes the centre of attention as two neighbours – Zeke, a young computer expert, and Jack, a tough-talking author – vie for her affections. But all is not what it seems, and, when a further death occurs, Carly soon finds she can trust no one.

Sharon Stone consolidated her reputation as Hollywood’s hottest sex symbol in another steamy thriller from the pen of Joe Eszterhas (adapting Ira Levin’s novel), who also scripted her breakthrough hit Basic Instinct (1992).

Stone is the rather unlikely book editor who moves into a highly desirable apartment block where the tenants have a worrying habit of moving to the morgue rather than new accommodation.

At the same time, she finds herself pursued by the oafish author Tom Berenger and the mysterious William Baldwin, either one of whom could be a murderer or a voyeur.

Director Phillip Noyce slickly cranks up the tension, making good use of a battery of closed-circuit TV cameras dotted around the building, and, yes, there are some pretty raunchy and explicit sex scenes.

However, it lacks Basic Instinct‘s compulsive drive and Eszterhas’s trademark final payoff is a little weak.

Carly Norris
Sharon Stone
Zeke Hawkins
William Baldwin
Jack Lansford
Tom Berenger
Vida Jordan
Polly Walker
Colleen Camp
Amanda Foreman
Martin Landau
Lieutenant Victoria Hendrix
C C H Pounder
Mrs McEvoy
Nina Foch
Gus Hale
Keene Curtis
Peter Farrell
Nicholas Pryor

Phillip Noyce