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Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Tormented by the imminent threat of a nuclear holocaust from which intelligent machines will emerge to crush the last vestiges of human existence, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) has been institutionalised and separated from her son.

terminator2Informed of the future, she knows that young John Connor will survive and become leader of the human race.

However, the machines of 2029 know it too, and once again they send a cyborg assassin back through time to terminate the potential saviour.

When she is not escaping from psychiatric hospitals or shooting at helicopters, she’s running around with more muscles than Madonna in Die Another Day – although not as many as Arnie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger comes back from the future to save our world from the T-1000 model, whose liquid metal shape-changing abilities set a new cinematic standard for stunning, computer graphic special effects.

terminator2_22 terminator2_23

Linda Hamilton turns in another terrific performance as the fiercely committed heroine who puts a necessary human face on Director James Cameron’s high-decibel mayhem and pyrotechnical bravura.

Cameron piles on the hard-edged humour and rollercoaster action in this marvellous sequel to his own 1984 horror fantasy classic.

The Terminator
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