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Three Colours: White (1994)

Three Colours: White is the second part of Krzysztof Kieslowski’s trilogy – the other parts being Three Colours: Blue and Three Colours: Red.

The movie begins with Karol Karol (Zbigniew Zamachowski) – a Polish immigrant in France – being sued for divorce in a Paris court by his beautiful French wife Dominique (Julie Delpy) on the grounds of non-consummation.

When the divorce is granted, Karol also loses his job (he worked in a beauty salon jointly owned with Dominique), his right to residence in France and most of his money – he does not even have the money for the airfare to Poland and can only return to his homeland hidden in a suitcase (a scheme which goes wrong when the case is stolen by dishonest employees at the airport).

Once back in Warsaw, Karol discovers a way in which he can make money and use it to get revenge upon those whom he believes have wronged him, especially Dominique.

There is also a subplot in which Karol accepts money to kill a man who wants to die but lacks the courage to commit suicide.

Karol Karol
Zbigniew Zamachowski
Julie Delpy
Janusz Gajos
Jerzy Stuhr
The Lawyer
Aleksander Bardini
The Elegant Man
Grzegorz Warchol
The Inspector
Cezary Harasimowicz
The Old Farmer
Jerzy Nowak
Monsieur Bronek
Jerzy Trela
Bureau de Change Proprietor
Cezary Pazura
The Interpreter
Michel Lisowski
The Judge
Philippe Morier-Genoud
The Tall Man
Piotr Machalica
The Bank Employee
Francis Coffinet
The Cashier
Barbara Dziekan

Krzysztof Kieslowski