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Waterboy, The (1998)

Adam Sandler plays Bobby Boucher, an unschooled, unscrewed Louisiana mama’s boy who ladles out “quality H2O” to a college football team that kicks his ass and spits in his cooler.

When Coach Klein (a very welcome Henry Winkler) discovers that a demon pops out in sweet Bobby every time someone insults his mama (Oscar winner Kathy Bates is a hoot), the Waterboy becomes the team’s star tackler and a target for devirginizing by Vicki Vallencourt, played with droll, red-lipped sluttiness by Fairuza Balk.

Sandler and his college buddies – director Frank Coraci, co-writer Tim Herlihy, co-producer Jack Giarraputo – may have been to the well once too often with the story of an endearing, maternally obsessed simpleton who finds success and sex through anger. But Sandler makes the laughs go down easy.


Bobby Boucher
Adam Sandler
Mama Boucher
Kathy Bates
Vicki Vallencourt
Fairuza Balk
Red Beaulieu
Jerry Reed
Coach Klein
Henry Winkler
Farmer Fran
Blake Clark
Derek Wallace
Larry Gilliard Jr
Gee Grenouille
Peter Dante
Lyle Robideaux
Jonathan Loughran
Casey Bugge
Al Whiting
Clint Howard
Allen Covert
Creole Townie
Rob Schneider
Greg Meaney
Todd Holland
Frank Coraci
Jennifer Bini
Sheriff Loughran
Steve Raulerson
Sheriff Jack
Chris Mugglebee
Brett Rice
Tony Dodd
John Farley
Jim Simonds
Kevin Farley
Captain Insano
Paul ‘The Giant’ Wight
Haven Gaston

Frank Coraci