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White Palace (1990)

Max Baron (James Spader) – a haughty young fellow of prosperous roots – takes up with slatternly burger joint waitress Nora Baker (Susan Sarandon) who is very much his senior.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, admirable features emerge from under her lower-class manners, and, despite good performances by two resourceful actors, every plot development can be seen coming from very far away.

Nora Baker
Susan Sarandon
Max Baron
James Spader
Jason Alexander
Kathy Bates
Eileen Brennan
Sol Horowitz
Steven Hill
Rachel Levin
Larry Klugman
Corey Parker
Edith Baron
Renée Taylor
Marv Miller
Jonathan Penner
Sherri Klugman
Barbara Howard
Heidi Solomon
Kim Myers
Ella Horowitz
Hildy Brooks
Sophie Rosen
Mitzi McCall
K.C. Carr

Luis Mandoki