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Adam, Mike & Tim

Adam Sachs, Mike Sedgwick and Tim Saunders were encouraged by a friend to send a demo to Decca records who liked what they heard enough to offer the band the chance to record three singles.

Their first release was 1964’s Little Baby, backed by You’re The Reason Why (one of the first songs written by future Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright). The single failed to generate much interest at all.

Their next single release was That’s How I Feel (1965), followed by Little Pictures, which also flopped prompting a switch from Decca to Columbia.

In 1966, Adam, Mike & Tim released the psychedelic-flavoured singles Flowers on the Wall and A Most Peculiar Man.

The trio then called it a day, with Sedgwick the only one to continue in the music business, launching a solo career in 1968.

Adam Sachs
Mike Sedgwick
Tim Saunders