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Alien Sex Fiend

The tabloid idea of what Goths are supposed to look like, Alien Sex Fiend were the demented brain-spawn of flamboyant Batcave employee Nik Fiend (real name Nick Wade) and his nicely named wife, Mrs Fiend (Christine Wade).

Formed in 1982 with a line-up featuring David James (guitar), Christine Wade (keyboards), and Johnny “Ha Ha” Freshwater (drums), the “group” was always really just the ‘nom de group’ of leader Nick.

The band became known in the Goth scene for their psychobilly, dark electronic, industrial sound, heavy samples and loops and manic vocals, and after releasing a cassette-only demos-and-live-tracks tape themselves (The Lewd, The Mad, The Ugly and Old Nick) in 1983, they signed to Cherry Red’s Anagram subsidiary and released their first album, Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brain later that year.

The Youth-produced debut LP splattered against the walls like something from a crime scene, with Lips Can’t Go and Ignore The Machine leaving behind an arterial spray of Alice Cooper and The Cramps, with big clots of Punk and Electro.

Freshwater left in 1985, the band continuing as a three-piece and supporting Alice Cooper on his ‘The Nightmare Returns’ tour in 1986.

The band was reduced to a duo of the Wades in 1988 after James left. The duo still continue to perform as Alien Sex Fiend.

“I am the lord of garbage” intoned Fiend on New Christian Music – which says it all, really.

Nick Wade
David ‘Yaxi Highrizer’ James
Christine Wade 
Johnny ‘Ha Ha’ Freshwater