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Hailing from Derbyshire, England, Anti-Pasti were part of the commercially successful but critically reviled second wave of punk.

The group signed to the punk/heavy metal label Rondelet in 1980 and debuted with the EP Four Sore Points, followed by another, Let Them Free, in January 1981.

Later that year, Anti-Pasti unleashed The Last Call, which reached the UK Top 40, while their third single, Six Guns, appeared at the end of the year and reached #1 on the UK independent charts, as did their successful joint venture with Oi! punk legends The Exploited on a 12-inch single EP, Don’t Let ‘Em Grind You Down.

The single East To The West (1982) preceded the last Anti-Pasti album and single, both named Caution To The Wind, although a self-titled singles retrospective surfaced a year later.

Anti-Pasti split up in 1984 but reformed in 2012.

Martin Roper
Dugi Bell
Will Hoon
Bass, guitar
Kev Nixon
Stu Winfield
Stan Smith