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Armoury Show, The

Formed in 1984 by longstanding members of The Skids, Richard Jobson and Russell Webb, the group was initially completed by John McGeoch on guitar (formerly of Magazine and Siouxsie and the Banshees) and John Doyle on drums.

Although the quartet enjoyed two minor hit singles with Castles in Spain (1984) and We Can Be Brave Again (1985) the two newest musicians proved to be incompatible and left following the completion of the group’s only album, Waiting for the Floods (1985) – an uncomfortable mix of different styles.

A 1987 single, New York City – featuring Jobson, Webb and sundry session musicians – showed a greater sense of purpose. Reminiscent of early Simple Minds, the release signalled new confidence, but the group broke up in the wake of Jobson’s burgeoning modelling and media career.

Richard Jobson
Vocals, guitar
Russell Webb
Bass, vocals
John McGeoch
John Doyle