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Formed in Melbourne in 1969, Axiom were arguably Australia’s first “supergroup”. Yet, in spite of a wealth of talent and promise, some notable chart successes and two superb albums of original material, they failed to achieve lasting popularity, due in part to waning public support in Australia as they vainly tried to crack the fickle English market, and the band fizzled out after less than two years.

Axiom was formed by Brian Cadd and Don Mudie, both former members of leading Melbourne band The Groop. Cadd was already a prominent singer, songwriter and keyboard player. Besides his success with The Groop, he wrote hits for other acts, including Elevator Driver for The Master’s Apprentices.

Glenn Shorrock was the former lead singer of The Twilights.

Axiom signed to Fable Records and their first single, Arkansas Grass, reached #7 in December 1969.


Doug Lavery left the band in 1970 and was replaced by Don Lebler. They released their second single A Little Ray of Sunshine (written about Cadd’s newborn daughter), and their excellent debut LP Fools Gold reached #18 in June.

Departing for England, Axiom signed a three-year contract with Warner’s Reprise label who assigned legendary producer Shel Talmy to record the band’s third single, Father Confessor. The single was released in July but failed to chart in Australia, probably due to the group’s absence from home.

In September, Axiom were flown to Los Angeles where they recorded the remaining tracks for their second LP If Only. They returned to Australia for a few months in November 1970 and then headed back to England in February 1971.

The difficulties of slogging it out in England and cracking the international market took their toll and two weeks before the album was to be released the band decided to break up.

Glenn Shorrock
Brian Cadd

Vocals, keyboards
Don Mudie

Chris Stockley

Doug Lavery

Don Lebler