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Band of Angels

Singer Christian (John) Gaydon, keyboard player Mike d’Abo, guitarist John Baker, bass player David Wilkinson and drummer James Rugge-Price were a bunch of public schoolboys (from Harrow, no less) who performed in straw boaters and blazers and managed to secure their own comic strip in the UK pop magazine sponsored by Radio Luxembourg, Fab 208.

They were given their first important break in 1964 when they made a guest appearance singing Hide ‘N’ Seek in the movie Just For You (pictured below) that led to a recording contract with Ember who leased the John Barry produced tracks to United Artists.

They released four singles before their breakup in 1966. Their final single, Invitation, is regarded as a mod soul classic these days.

D’abo went on to grander things when he took over from Paul Jones in Manfred Mann in 1966, while Gaydon became successful in the field of artist management.

bandofangels_733John Gaydon
Vocals, guitar
Mike d’Abo
Keyboards, vocals
John Baker
Guitar, vocals
David Wilkinson
Bass, vocals
James Rugge-Price
Andrew Petre