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Babes In Toyland

All-girl hardcore trio Babes in Toyland formed in Minneapolis in 1988 and topped the indie charts with their Spanking Machine LP in 1990. Soon after, they were signed to WEA and recorded the 1991 mini-album To Mother.

Their music was the sound of a fucked up childhood, a childhood of whippings and groundings, a childhood of boredom, wildness and asshole boyfriends.

Bassist Michelle Leon left the group in early 1992, shortly after her boyfriend, Joe Cole, who was shot and killed in an armed robbery at Venice Beach, California. Maureen Herman was recruited as her replacement.

The band then signed with Reprise Records and released their second studio album, Fontanelle (1992).

In May 1995, the band released their final album, Nemesisters and Herman left the band due to hip problems in 1996. Dana Cochrane stepped in on bass but the group were constantly breaking up and reforming until Bjelland formed a new band, Katastrophy Wife.

Guitarist Kat Bjelland had previously played in bands with Courtney Love (Hole) and Jennifer (L7) when she was based in San Francisco.


Katherine ‘Kat’ Bjelland
Guitar, vocals
Michelle Leon
Lori Barbero
Drums, vocals
Maureen Herman
Dana Cochrane