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Baby Animals

Husky-voiced singer Suze DeMarchi recorded three soft-metal singles in the UK for EMI during the late 1980s, co-writing one of them with Simon Climie of pop duo Climie Fisher.

Upon returning to Australia in July 1989, DeMarchi linked up with drummer Frank Celenza, guitarist Dave Leslie and bassist Eddie Parise to form Baby Animals.

The Angels‘ long-serving manager John Woodruff left that band to manage Baby Animals and got them signed to former Chrysalis boss Terry Ellis’s international label, Imago.

Their eponymous debut album was recorded in the USA in September 1991 with Mike Chapman producing and reached #1 in the Australian charts. The album produced four hit singles; Early Warning (June 1991), Rush You (September 1991), Painless (November) and One Word (February 1992).

A fifth single, Ain’t Gonna Get, was lifted from the album in April.

Baby Animals became the second biggest selling album in Australia for 1992 (behind Jimmy Barnes‘ Soul Deep) and the band won three ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) awards – for Best Debut Album, Best Debut Single (Early Warning) and Best Album.

The group then turned their attention overseas and their album charted well in the US, especially in New York and Boston. They also toured the USA and Europe supporting Bryan Adams and Van Halen.

Their second album, Shaved and Dangerous (August 1993), was a more adventurous – but less commercial – effort, but nevertheless debuted at #2 in the Australian charts.

Singles Don’t Tell Me What To Do (July), At The End Of The Day (November) and Lights Out At Eleven (February 1994) were minor hits.

Baby Animals spent the second half of 1993 touring the USA, including a lengthy support slot with Robert Plant and returned to Australia in 1994 for their ‘God Shave the Queen’ tour.

In August 1994 DeMarchi married Nuno Bettencourt from American band Extreme and moved to Boston, Massachusetts. The couple separated in 2009 and divorced in 2013.

Baby Animals officially disbanded in 1996.

Suze DeMarchi
Vocals, guitar
Dave Leslie
Eddie Parise
Frank Celenza