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Bad Company

Bad Company was formed in England late in 1973 by the seasoned foursome of Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke (both ex-Free), plus Mick Ralphs (ex-Mott The Hoople) and Boz Burrell (ex-King Crimson).

They took the name for their power rock supergroup from a 1972 western film starring Jeff Bridges.

Recorded in November 1973 at Ronnie Lane’s Headley Grange studio in just nine days, their eponymous debut album set the blueprint; driving music par excellence with Rodger’s heavy, soulful vocals set against a rock solid musical backdrop.


Classic tracks included Can’t Get Enough Of Your LoveReady For Love and Bad Company.

Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant signed the band to his new Swan Song label and they hit the big time almost immediately.

Bad Company began to tread water at the tail end of the 70s. Nevertheless, they continued to sell bucket loads of records right up until their 1983 parting shot Rough Diamonds.

Rodgers played with Jimmy Page in The Firm and then went on to solo work, and Bad Company reformed three years later with ex-Ted Nugent frontman Brian Howe taking Rodgers’ place.


With Kirke and Howe reluctant to let the past slip gracefully away, they added session guitarist Geoff Whitehorn and bass player Paul Cullen for the 1990 album, Holy Water.

Their subsequent releases were lukewarm AOR fodder and by the 90s, Ralphs was the only original remaining member of the line-up.

Bad Company reunited in 2010, recording a live album at Wembley Arena in April.

Paul Rodgers 
Vocals, piano, guitar
Mick Ralphs 

Guitar, piano
Boz Burrell 

Bass, vocals
Simon Kirke 

Brian Howe 

Geoff Whitehorn 

Paul Cullen 

Dave Colwell 

Steve Walsh 

Rick Willis 

Robert Hart