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As Virgin Records’ first Australian signing, Beargarden were briefly big big news.

Their first single, Finer Things, was released in 1984 and promoted via mega tours supporting Culture Club, Simple Minds and other heavyweights.

But amidst criticisms of being a haircut band with no real talent, something began to wilt and die in Beargarden.


All three singles failed and their relationship with Virgin went so sour that the company refused to release the group’s debut album, All That Fall, recorded mid-1985.

Although Virgin spent a fortune on Beargarden, the two parted company amicably in July 1986.

The album was finally released on the small Chase label in September 1986.

The central character in the 1986 Aussie film Dogs In Space was based on Beargarden frontman Sam Sejavka, but with some parts of his life and personality fictionalised. The character of Sam was played by the late Michael Hutchence of INXS.

Several songs by Sejavka’s previous band, The Ears, appear on the film’s soundtrack.

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