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Formed in Tasmania (Australia) in 1975, Beathoven was based around the amazingly talented trio of Charlie Touber, Greg Cracknell and David Minchin, supplemented by a series of drummers.

Their combination of sharp pop songs and boyish good looks quickly led to an almost Beatlemania-like frenzy at their gigs within Tasmania, where they released one single, Do You Remember The Time?

Buoyed by the success in their home state they moved to Melbourne in 1977 and signed to EMI Records who released the single Shy Girl in 1978.

Regular gigging around Melbourne honed their songwriting, performing and harmony skills to crisp perfection, and so it was not surprising when, whilst scouring Australia for talent, visiting American rock svengali Kim Fowley decided they were just about the only worthwhile thing there.

He took them under his wing, produced some recordings and made them change their name to The Innocents. Then he left the country.

The band relocated to Sydney and drummer Brent Jeffrey moved on to Turnaround.

David Minchin
Guitar, vocals
Charles Touber
Guitar, vocals
Greg Cracknell
Bass, vocals
Brent Jeffrey