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Beatmen, The

The Beatmen were a Slovak rock band singing predominantly in English. Although they released only four songs between 1964 and 1966, they remain one of the most significant bands in the history of Czechoslovak popular music.

They were one of the first bands from behind the iron curtain to play in western Europe (they performed in Munich in 1966).

Their desire for artistic freedom without limitations from the political regime led the group to emigrate to West Germany, but without Ursiny, who decided to stay. He was replaced by Juraj Eperjesi.

They released one single in Germany with a new line-up, but split soon thereafter due to personal problems and disappointment from the little success they gained.

Guitarist/vocalist Dežo Ursiny later became a legend of the Czechoslovak music scene.

Dežo Ursiny
Lead guitar, harmonica, vocals
Miroslav Bedrik
Rhythm guitar, vocals
Marián Bednár
Bass, vocals
Peter Petro 

Drums, vocals
Stano Herko

Lead guitar
Juraj Eperjesi 

Lead guitar
Arno Biller